Kenneth P. Seitz, Esquire

Graduated from Geneva College in 1992

Graduated from Hamline University of Law in Minnesota in 1997; degree was with an emphasis in bankruptcy and agricultural law. I passed the bar upon completion of education.

I began my legal career in the Clearfield County Public Defender’s Office where I worked for four years. Throughout my time with the Clearfield County Public Defender’s Office, I also worked with Mid Penn doing their pro bono bankruptcy cases.

I moved to a bankruptcy law firm in Pittsburgh in 2001.

On October 1, 2010, I finally opened my own bankruptcy law office and we have been in business for over five years.

I have twenty years of experience and have handled thousands of bankruptcy cases through my career. I answer my own phone and always give each case the personalized touch it deserves.

I invite you to call me directly at (814) 765-2699 to experience the fine principles of lawyering.

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